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Odda – Trolltunga

See timetable, map and descriptions of the all the bus stops from Odda to Trolltunga (Skjeggedal, P2), the main starting point for Trolltunga hikes.


Odda CampingStop A: Trolltunga Camping

Trolltunga Camping is located in scenic surroundings.

Pick up point is at the entrance to the popular campground.

Vikinghaug ApartmentsStop B: Vikinghaug Apartments

Vikinghaug is an accommodation located in a well maintained historic building.

Pick up point is at the bus stop in Jordalsvegen.

Odda HospitalStop C:  Eidesdalen

Eidesdalen is located on Plateau 2 in the center of Odda. Pick up point is at the bus stop on the east side, by National Road 13.

Odda Bus TerminalStop D: Odda Bus Terminal

Odda Bus Terminal is a 2 minutes walk from Hardanger Hotel, in the center of Odda.

Pick up point is in front of the café.



Trolltunga StudiosStop E: Freim/Ragde

Pick up point is at the bus stop on the east side, by National Road 13

Tyssedal Bus StopStop F: Tyssedal Bus Stop

Located just off the grocery store in lower Tyssedal and at the Tyssedal Hotel.

Trolltunga GuesthouseStop G: Trolltunga Guesthouse

Affordable accommodation, nice and clean, with friendly service. Pick up point is at opposite side of the bus shed in Skjeggedalsvegen. 

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Tyssohallen (P1)Stop H: Tyssohallen

Large parking, which is 5.2 km to Skjeggedal P2. This is a demanding route, even for experienced hikers. Short distance to LILLETOPP.

Starting Point, Trolltunga (P2)Stop I: Skjeggedal

The main starting point for your hike to Trolltunga. Guided tours also start here. It is possible to get transport to P3.

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Bus Stops Route P 012           Timetable 2023, May 19th – Sept 24th
Trolltunga Camping 05:45 07:10      
Vikinghaug Apartments 05:46 07:11      
Eidesdalen 05:47 07:12      
Odda Bus Terminal 05:55 07:20   14.15* 15.45*
Freim/Ragde 05:57 07:22   14:17 15:47
Tyssedal Bus Stop 06:03 07:28   14:23 15:53 
Trolltunga Guesthouse 06:04 07:29   14:24 15:54
Tyssohallen 06:05 07:30 08:00* 14:25 15:55
06:15 07:40 08:10 14:35 16:05
Return from Skjeggedal 15.00 16.30 18.00* (18.45*)  
Estimated arrival Odda 15:30 17:00 18:30* 19:15*